Things You Must Have If You Doing Trading !

When we start start trading as a career then we must need some equipment for doing trading as professional trader because it's need for our psychology. You can start trading without this equipments also but i recommend you to at least you have this equipments for doing trading. So let's start out article of What equipment is needed for trading.

Trading desk & chair

The first thing we have to a desk or chair because we can't do trading in bad or floor because we have to sit 4-5 hours on a screen while trading so we have a good desk and chair where we can focus on screen without back pain or consistently. desk & chair you don't have to buy if you're new in trading career also you can use any old desk and chair from you're house and everyone house have a desk or chair or atleast chair. But if you're successful trader or make money from trading then it's a highly recommend you to buy desk & chair.

Bull & Bear Statue

While doing trading if we have any statue of bull or bear which ever you're trading style is. It was provide good vibes while doing trading because its keep remind us we are trader and we are bull or bear whatever you are. But if you're new new trader then its don't recommend to you for you that only one advice focus on learning first.

Laptop Or Computer

Laptop or computer is must for every trader because without big screen we can't track a market movements in or behavior and lot's of new traders was doing one mistake in current time they use there mobile for trading but using mobile in a trading its a wrong way to become trader and with a small screen of mobile it is a hard to become trader so don't start trading without laptop or desktop.

Question. Is 4 screen was make me a good trader ?

Answer. No, 4 screen won't make you good trader even if you have only 1 screen you still become trader and 4 screen was use trader because they already successful in trading that's why they buy 4 screen or more then 4 screens….

Physical trading chart patterns chart paper

The physical chart paper was help us to focus on trading and help us to do not enter in wrong trade scenario so if you also want physical trading chart papers then you can buy from online like Amazon or other websites. They will cost you very small amount and its give positive vibes.

Trading Related Books

When we learn trading from other or online then it's not necessary to buy or read books but many successful traders was recommend that buy or read books of how to become successful trader or rich dad poor dad…. Because that books helps you to build trader psychology or how money works in trading so yes you can also buy books or read them they actually work for you. That books was available in Amazon or you're local market shops.

There was many more things you can buy after become successful trader but if you're just on learning stage then you just have to focus on learning after you start earning from stock market then you can also buy many things for you're trading setup.

Thank you all for give time to this article and read…. Happy journey.

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